I always wanted to be an artist. 

As a kid, I assumed artists were born with a natural ability to draw. They could pick up a pencil and draw a portrait without hesitation


Although I could draw a fabulous smiley face, I quickly realized I wasn't good enough to be an artist. 

It wasn't until my first year of college that I realized artists have to study and practice art. Well, who-da thunk it?!

For years, I was too busy for art. I focused on my photography and videography company. As Momma of two kiddos, any extra time was spent with them. 

In March of 2020, Georgetown went into quarantine.  It seemed like it was overnight: My once jam-packed schedule of photo and video sessions was cleared.

For the first time in months, I had some free time to myself. I decided to bring out a few art supplies and learn new techniques with watercolor.

I thought to myself, "I would love to have a painting of every building on the Historic Georgetown Square." Then the wheels began turning.

Fast forward to May 2020. The Art with Heart Georgetown collection was complete. I sold over 1,000 prints and made over $10,000 for the local business owners on the historic downtown square.

Something Social Art

Now, I spend most of my time taking care of my family and painting. I absolutely love creating something out of nothing and adding a bit of joy to the world.

I found my voice as an artist, and it feels incredibly natural.


Maybe I was right.  Artists are born with a natural ability. It just needs a little attention.

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